Team conducted community based eye health survey
Team leader Muhammad Faisal
Students of 5th and 6th semester of PIRS, ISRA University
Tools for recording data
Self designed Performa
Equipments used in survey
1. Ophthalmoscope
2. Retionoscope
3. Lens bar
4. Torch light
5. Snellen chart

The Pakistan Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (PIRS) conducted Rural Community Survey (RCS) on 18 May 2015 in Chara village Islamabad; village was divided in three sectors (mohrian, klaya and sotinepari). The survey aims to provide the quantitative basis to identify and address the major eye health problems, literacy rate and economic growth of chara village.
Chara is one of the pockets of ‘neglected populations’ do not have access to basic health-care services and carry a much greater risk of blindness and visual impairment. They are either denied or receive very little appropriate quality of health care, and eye care is no exception.
This survey collected information on a large number of topics, such as, common eye disease, sources of income, nature of employment, consumption patterns, hygienic conditions and education. Survey showed pathologies which mostly cause visual impairment were Cataract, Glaucoma, Uveitis Macular degeneration , Corneal opacity ,Trachoma ,Diabetic retinopathy, Myopia magna, Albinism, nystagmus .
Peoples’ perception about the economic and hygienic conditions of their household and the community is not very encouraging. Large number of diagnosed cases of hepatitis c was also found in village.
Chara village need awareness about major community issues and underlying patients need the advocacy and change of attitude towards health and improving availability. Aaccessibility and affordability of eye care services are also a big need for Chara village.