Historic Launch of IRT Research Model by Pakistan

“A cutting-edge research pinnacle by SAIRI-Pakistan, quite eloquently emerges to impact the lives of over 730 million disables of the world.”

The moment, the Pakistani nation observes its 68th day of independence—the opposition looks betrothed in protesting, the others tied-up in marching rallies, the media seems obsessively promised for displaying the wrapped nit-picking and their moaning and dissenting of each other,—on the other hand, all of the state-machinery looks engaged in, and passionately committed for getting hold of their ‘power sustain’,….the Pakistani academic ivory marks a momentous and meaningful shine on the forefront of not only the global scholarly erudition-oriented research circles but humanitarian and philanthropic spheres as well.

Renowned legendary arch-researcher of Pakistan, Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi has brought an upright stirring ‘laurel of note’ to his motherland, by preserving an additional historic ‘first’ to his country’s credits, that he previously used to manifest, and maintains presently so far. Prof Hafi leading the SAIRI research group, conceitedly presents the ‘Inter-referential Model of Teratological Research’ along with the ‘Trans-positional Theory of Terato-Kinetics and Iatro-teratogenicity’ for the first time in recorded history of science.

The cutting-edge research pinnacle that is going to impact directly the lives of over 670 million lives of the people living with different types and forms of disabilities, is an impelling call to the global conscience on behalf of the disables—the left behind humanity, virtually left behind, almost, in all walks of life—the far-neglected disable population of the world.

The research document, that is primed for over 1900 universities of the globe, is an outcome of nearly 1.5 decades’ inquiry-probings on the subject-matter by the multidisciplinary researcher Professor Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi.

The tri-fold thematic research reflects a thorough synthesis, filtered through methodical analysis of the prevalent crisis of the shockingly ever-uprising graph of disability, and systematically sheds light on ‘corporate-medical-stigma’ behind the dilemma under-focus.

“Despite the huge developments in ‘medical measures’ like vaccine-inoculations, and their massive encroachments, the past 45 years have witnessed an enormous rise in complexities of pre-birth as well as post-birth disabilities. Diverse manifolds of new ‘Types & Forms’ of structural as well as functional abnormalities have appeared on the medical scene. More the medical advancements claim to reach the paramount of success, more the graph of consequential complexities tends to reach the maxima of the recorded human history” analyses the research.

Evidence-based, well documented statistical records of nearly 685-765 million disables of the world, when co-related with data analysis, quite shockingly endorse enough-provable linkages and incontestable ‘causal relationships’ between fetal ‘iatro-teratogenecity’ and multiple forms of disabilities among newly born and unborn babies. The term ‘iatro-teratogenesis’ refers to the deadly spectacle-manifestations and pandemic out-breaks of ‘irrational medications’ that are administered during pregnancy or in lactation periods. Notably, most of the prevalent drug-formulations are predominantly based on complex chemical-compositions, which, essentially, do pose serious threats to the physio-chemical synchrony of fetal tissues—thus, eventually leaving the baby on severe vulnerabilities of life-long disabilities– both, structural as well as functional.

Not only are these embryonically ‘non-compatible’ hefty drug-formulations hard to be absorbed by the fetal tissues,—but also their chemical structures remain intransigently ‘tough-enough’ to be broken down and processed by the fetal cells in the same time-frame and interval-break-intermissions, as those of the mother’s body-cells. During this course of ultimate ‘dis-synchrony’ in complex dynamic-interplay of chemicals and human body, the fetal body-cells are left with no margin-latitudes other than bearing heavy toxic burdens at the very initial stages of cell-formations and organogenesis—and, ultimately persisting on worstly devastating complexities, in forms of permanent physical or mental abnormalities.

At very core of the problem, under-lying source-reason is ‘irrational & obscured medication’— Irrational, because—how can it be rationalized to alleviate the common-cold symptoms, or to relieve the temporary nasal-achings or ordinary headaches of a mother at the ‘very cost of life-long disabilities’ of the baby. And obscured,—understandably, due to the identical fact that most of the prevalent drug-compositions are, embryonically non-compatible, but nonetheless these are administered during pregnancy—because–however, they do bear the fascinating enough ‘safety-signs’ like ‘100% secure for both,–‘the mother and the baby’ and ‘no adverse-effects noted’…etc.

The chemical mechanism of these drugs is not that simple as publicized by these ‘allegedly false’ and massively ‘misleading safety-claims’, that are made by the corporate controllers of medical world—the pharmaceutics’ giants. “These ‘silent & salient genocides’ are then promoted through highly crafted and ‘well-tailored’ campaigns involving these ‘profiteers-backed’ media and 100% biased, pre-inclined research studies that are funded, predisposed and ‘course-plotted’ by the same parties, who, by these ‘pseudo-research-studies’ insist to keep-on showcasing their drugs as the ‘safest magic-pills’ which remain bound for acting the same way on the ‘baby’s body-cells as on the ‘mother’s body-cells’—since—the drugs must follow and not act out of the way, that is dictated by the pharmaceutic’s masters—because they produced it…”, denounces the cautioning study on teratology, that is going to change the way, the world looks at the ‘phenomenon of disability’.

Also there befall certain food-additives, stabilizers, indigenous toxic agents of ‘ultra-smart utilities’, dental amalgams, and contrast media intense radiation, that pose the same disastrous teratogenic effect to the womb, by crossing the mother’s placenta.
“Such drugs and chemical-compositions must be brought under strict international legislation, in order to safeguard the lives of massive proportions of ‘unborn babies’, that prone to predisposal of detrimental devastations” pleads the research cessation.
This forth-rightly stark ‘crux’ of the devastating ‘perplex-crisis’ has been documented by a ground-breaking research on disability-prevention perspectives-foci.

The polygonal research progeny was demonstrated through a multi-academic scientific research colloquia, at Higher Education Commission Pakistan, under the aegis of UNESCO. The multi-academic colloquia consisted of 9 thematic orientations, 17 confluences, 10 symposia and 19 scientific demonstrations worldwide. By virtue of these worthy contributions, Pakistan, incontrovertibly, now, stands on verge of becoming the world’s ‘research capital’, in the realm-orbs of disability-centered scholastic foci. The bench-mark research brings forth sensitive-most questions and key-concerns to be addressed by the global hierarchies including UN, and henceforth, calls for international legislation on the subject-matter.