3-Day Teacher’s Training at PIRS

The Pakistan Institue of Rehabilitation Sceinces (PIRS) recently organized a comprehensive 3-day training program from 17-19 July, aimed at enhancing the teaching skills and overall effectiveness of educators. The event was designed to cover a wide range of topics crucial for professional growth and development.

Day 1: The training kicked off with an insightful session on “Teaching Methodologies” by Mr. Farrukh Mehmood and Ms. Hira Munewar. They emphasized the importance of adopting diverse teaching approaches to cater to different learning styles and needs of students. Following this, Mr. Farhan Akhter and Miss Huma Murtaza delivered a presentation on “Shaping Minds, Inspiring Hearts,” where they discussed strategies to create a positive and motivating learning environment. The third presentation of the day was by Dr. Shahid Nawaz, who focused on “Time Management.” He provided valuable tips and techniques for teachers to manage their time effectively, balancing their professional responsibilities with personal life.

Day 2: The second day began with Ms. Sara Khan shedding light on the crucial topic of “Mental Health.” Her presentation highlighted the significance of mental well-being for both teachers and students, emphasizing the need for self-care and supporting students’ emotional needs. The next session, conducted by Ms. Ayesha Sharfi and Ms. Arooba Ahmed, covered an intriguing subject – “Emojis.” They explored the use of emojis in communication and how they can be effectively incorporated into teaching materials to enhance engagement and understanding. Mr. Muhammad Ahmed and Ms. Sidra Tariq took the stage to discuss the “Role of Motivation in Teaching and Learning.” Their presentation underlined the impact of motivation on student performance and how teachers can employ various motivational techniques to inspire their students.

Day 3: On the final day of the training, Mr. Waqas Ahmed presented on “How to Set a Good Paper.” He provided valuable insights into creating fair, well-structured, and challenging assessment materials, ensuring an accurate evaluation of students’ knowledge and skills. The subsequent session, delivered by Mr. Ehtisham and Ms. Sumbul, centered around the “Elements of Professional Communication.” They emphasized the significance of effective communication skills in building strong teacher-student relationships and fostering a positive learning environment. Finally, Dr. Shahid returned to give a presentation on “Stress Management.” He discussed the various stressors faced by teachers and offered practical techniques to cope with and reduce stress, ultimately leading to improved teaching performance.

Overall, the 3-day teacher’s training by PIRS proved to be a valuable and enriching experience for all participants. It provided a platform for teachers to enhance their teaching methodologies, communication skills, and understanding of mental health and stress management. The event successfully equipped educators with the necessary tools to create a positive and nurturing learning environment, fostering academic growth and personal development in their students.