Fee structure for BS programs


Fee Components Fee Remarks
Admission Fee (Non-refundable) 25000/- One time
Registration Fee 7000/- One time
Student card 1000/- One time
Security Deposit (Refundable) 10000/- One time
Tuition Fee 40000/- Each semester
Enrolment Fee 5000/-
Examination Fee 8000/-
Skills Lab & Training Visits 8000/-
Total Fee 104000/- 1st semester
2nd semester and onwards 66000/- Each semester


Fee for reappearing/repeating a course


Fee Components Fee Remarks
Enrolment Fee 5000/- Summer semester
Examination Fee 7000/-
Course Registration Fee 2000/- Per credit hour


 Payment of Fee


  1. The fee/security dues shall be deposited at the designated bank only
  2. Students selected for admission are required to deposit all the dues within the prescribed dates. In case of failure of payment, admission is liable to be cancelled
  3. Regular semester fee should be deposited at least seven days prior to the commencement of classes


Refund Policy

In case of cancellation of admission or withdrawal of admission by the student himself/herself, all fees except admission fee shall be refunded, before start of classes. This is applied according to HEC policy.


 Scholarships/financial support


Considering the merits and dire needs of the individual applicant, the following financial assistance is given.


  1. Merit based scholarship

First position (minimum 80% marks) in semester

Scholarship: 100% waiver on tuition fee only 

  1. Disability based scholarship

Students with disabilities

  1. Need based scholarship

Financially challenged students

  1. Area based scholarship

One seat per semester for students from rural/backward areas of the country


Eligibility Criteria

  • Scholarships are applicable only after performance evaluation of the student, which includes class attendance, classwork, class performance and exam result
  • No scholarship is given during the first semester
  • Scholarships are evaluated for every semester
  • Female students from far flung / rural areas are given priority
  • A student must be registered in full course load of the semester
  • The eligibility of a candidate for Need based scholarships is linked to his/her financial needs as assessed by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee. The financial background of the family of the applicant will be kept in view in this regard
  • All Scholarships are based on assessment of need and merit as well as availability of funds
  • Selection will be decided on the basis of information provided in the scholarship form and investigations for the authentication of provided information
  • Students who are involved in any disciplinary matter will be permanently disqualified from the subject scholarship