Executive Director’s Message


The 21st  century is witnessing a profound (paradigm) shift in global dynamics; developing countries are becoming leading actors on the world stage driven by the fast-rising new powers of the developing human resource, lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in the process. We can reshape our future with new entrepreneurial creativity and social policy innovation. The basic purpose of human resource development is to enlarge choices of people.

Community development is never easy especially when needs are endless and resources are scarce and finite. The benchmark of a truly caring community is to include people with disabilities in all endeavors of development.

Disability has a vicious cycle with poverty where disability may increase the risk of poverty and poverty in turn may increase the risk of disability. Children with disabilities are less likely to attend school; people with disability are more likely to be unemployed and may experience material hardships and dependency.

World around us is evolving and expanding very rapidly; and to cope with the fast growing world we need to speed up without leaving the gaps. In Pakistan, there is a crucial vacuum of relevant and adequately trained personnel in the field of rehabilitative sciences. Focusing on this, Comprehensive Health and Education Forum (CHEF) International in collaboration with the CBM has taken an initiative of training the mid-level human resource in rehabilitative sciences. The prime objective is to fill the existing gaps in service delivery system with special focus on disability mainstreaming to contribute towards the development of an inclusive society. To achieve this objective Pakistan Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (PIRS) was established in 2011 at the ISRA University, Islamabad campus, Islamabad.

PIRS is committed to alleviating the issues of inadequate services delivery to persons with disability. The institute is putting in its level best to provide clear concepts and best possible evidence to bridging the gaps in imparting knowledge, skills and development of attitudes resulting in best practices; and would stress the need for further research. We believe “The capacities of individuals depend on their access to education”, PIRS is an opportunity for the students having high aims and mission to serve the humanity.

At the PIRS, we are offering different courses on rehabilitative sciences in cross disability like four year degree programs, two year associate degree programs, and technician courses in vision sciences, audiology (Hearing sciences), Orthopedic technology (prosthetics / orthotics), neuro-psychosocial and community based rehabilitation. We are providing the best faculty, most conducive and friendly environment, and scholarship grants for high achievers as well.



Dr. Farrukh Seir

Executive Director PIRS, Islamabad, Pakistan