Academic rules and policies

Study duration

All the academic programs are carried out under the semester system, with two regular semesters and one summer semester in an academic year as the following.

  • Fall Semester
  • Spring Semester
  • Summer Semester

Students have to complete their entire Undergraduate (Bachelors) degree program within the following time limits:

  • Minimum Duration: 4 Years
  • Maximum Duration: 6 Years

Semester system

Each regular semester spans over 18 weeks of teaching and 01 week of examination.

Summer semester

  • Summer semester – only for failure / improvement / short attendance / deficiency – will be offered as an optional semester of 08 weeks duration.
  • Student can register in summer semester for courses with the consent of concerned teacher / academic adviser.
  • A student will not be allowed to register simultaneously for internship along with the courses during the summer session.
  • Student will not be allowed to take courses of more than 9 credit hours in one summer session and cannot repeat more than 8 subjects during the entire program

 Freezing of semester

A student may have to interrupt or freeze his studies for an entire semester due to some special unfavorable or unavoidable circumstances. In such a case, the student must apply in writing for a semester leave before the mid of the semester. Maximum of two-semester leave during the entire degree program is permissible. The maximum duration of the degree shall remain the same.

In case a student interrupts his/her study program for a period longer than one semester, his/her courses are evaluated by the Executive Director of the Institute to determine their relevance to the changes made in the curriculum, if any, upon his/her return. In such a case, the student may be required to modify the degree plan in order to ensure conformity to the recent curriculum. No consecutive sem   fees 40 percent

Course registration

All the students who intend to continue their studies at the institute are required to complete the registration formalities well in time in each semester. A student who fails to register him/her-self for studies in a semester nor applies for a semester leave till the end of 2nd week of that semester, would have his/her admission cancelled. The students are required to pay full tuition fees at the start of the semester. If the dues are not paid in full by the stipulated time, he/she may not be allowed to attend the classes and to sit in the examinations. It is the responsibility of the student to clear all outstanding dues against his/her name and report to the department’s program coordinator for the confirmation of the registration.

In case a student could not submit the course registration form within the registration period of the semester due to unavoidable and cogent reasons, the Executive Director of the institute may grant approval of the late registration based on the terms and conditions.

Attendance policy

No student shall be admitted to an examination unless the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Students are required to maintain at least 80% attendance in theory and practical classes.
  • The Executive Director of the Institute may, for valid reasons,condone a deficiency to the extent of 5% of the attendance.
  • In very special cases, the Executive Director may condone attendance further but the attendance of the student should not be less than 70%.
  • If a student does not fulfill the condition of attendance, he/she shall have to re-register for that course in the next semester in which this course is offered or summer semester.

Cancellation of enrollment

If a student fails to attend any lecture during the first four weeks after the commencement of the semester as per announced schedule, his/her admission shall stand cancelled automatically without any notification.