PIRS is in the premises of ISRA University Islamabad Campus. Our goal is, establishment of cross-disability Institute, integrating available teaching resources, knowledge and skills in multiple disciplines РVision Sciences, Audiology, Prosthetics and Orthotics Рproducing trained and learned human resource addressing the issues of having an Inclusive Society. The objective is to produce mid-level human resource / allied health personnel to facilitate the provision of rehabilitative services in terms of cross disability. It will enable persons with disabilities (PWDs) to live with dignity and become a productive member of the society.

PIRS offers four years BS programs in Vision Sciences, Audiology, Prosthetics and Orthotics since February 2012 and so far is regularly inducting students through spring and fall semesters.

The PIRS has established one state of the art Orthopedics cum Orthotics workshop with the provision of services of a consultant from abroad. This workshop is providing rehabilitative services to the physically handicapped and serve as a backup for teaching and training of students. Moreover, well-equipped state of the art laboratories of Vision Sciences and Audiology are established. In addition, there is a library in the name of Professor Peter Watson to pay tributes to his kind donation of books for the students.

PIRS in collaboration with Behbud Foundation and Human Development Foundation (HDF) run their outdoor clinics in the shape of optometric and audiological community based services in the surrounding area of Farash town. This also serves as on job training of our senior students under supervision of faculty members. In addition, we also offer different faculty development workshops, trainings and courses for students.

The PIRS is committed to leading and inspiring positive changes that transforms lives through rehabilitation research, education and practice.

PIRS is an affiliated institute of ISRA university. HEC Pakistan recognizes the programs offered. Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO) accredits the institution.