Examination rules and policies

There shall be no exemption from mid-term or final-term examination. Any student not appearing in examination shall be marked absent.

Student evaluation system

The performance of every student is continuously monitored and assessed throughout the semester. During the semester, a student performance is evaluated by sessional work including quizzes, assignments, laboratory reports, project presentations, and mid-term and final term examinations. The number of quizzes, assignments and sessional and their relative weightage is at the discretion of the course instructors. However, a general guideline for their relative weightage is suggested below:

Nature of examination Weightage
Sessional work before mid-term 15%
Mid-term examination 25%
Sessional work after mid-term 15%
Endl-term examination 45%


Mid-term examination

Objective type question paper for mid-term examination will comprise of 25 MCQs carrying 25 marks, to be solved in 30 minutes.

Subjective type question paper for mid-term examination will consist of 05 short questions carrying 05 marks each, to be solved in one-hour time.

End-term examination

Objective type question paper for end-term examination will comprise of 50 MCQs carrying 50 marks, to be solved in 50 minutes.

Subjective type question paper for end-term examination will consist of 05 essay type questions carrying 10 marks each, to be solved in one hour and thirty minutes time.

Grading system

Course grades are awarded to students based on their performance in the course. Letters indicate grades and the grade points and marks are assigned to each letter as shown below:

Grade Grade Points Marks Obtained Level of Performance
A+ 4.00 91 and above Excellent
A 4.00 86-90 Excellent
A- 3.67 82-85 Excellent
B+ 3.33 78-81 Very Good
B 3.00 74-77 Very Good
B- 2.67 70-73 Very Good
C+ 2.33 66-69 Good
C 2.00 62-65 Good
C- 1.67 58-61 Good
D+ 1.33 54-57 Satisfactory
D 1.00 50-53 Satisfactory
F 0.00 Below 50 Fail


Grade point average (GPA)

The academic standing of a student at the end of a semester is referred to Grade Point Average (GPA). This is calculated by dividing the total number of earned grade point values by the total number of the credit hours registered in the semester.

For a student to remain in a good academic standing, he/she has to earn a minimum GPA of 2.00.

Award of degree

A student will qualify for the award of a degree / certificate after successful completion of the relevant courses / clinical work and obtaining a minimum GPA of 2.00.

Repetition of courses

A student will repeat course(s)

  • When failed
  • Has short attendance
  • Taken C- Grade (in regular/ summer semester)

Student can repeat any course in summer as well as in regular semester.

The better grade will be accepted in repeated courses.

Student can repeat maximum 08 courses in 4-year degree program.

Retotaling of marks in the answer book

The answer book of a candidate shall not be re-assessed under any circumstances.

However, the controller of examinations can allow for retotaling of marks.

Marks of candidate could decrease in the event of retotaling and record shall be corrected accordingly.

Academic probation

Probation is a status granted to the students whose academic performance falls below the minimum standard of university.

  1. Student acquiring less than 2.00/4.00 CGPA in a semester but passing in all papers, he/she will be promoted to next semester but put on probation.
  2. Student acquiring CGPA from 1.7 or more and failing in any exam shall be promoted to next semester but on probation and will register for summer semester to improve grade

Students below 1.7 will not be promoted

  1. Students acquiring CGPA less than 1.7 in two consecutive semesters and failing in any paper(s) even after attending summer semester for one academic year will be dropped from university rolls. However, student will be eligible to seek fresh admission.

There will be maximum two academic probations in undergraduate degree program. Both probations cannot be granted/availed in first half of degree program.

A student, who is on probation for the second time even after attending the summer semester in first half of the degree program, shall be struck off from the roll of university.

In case of valid reason, the period of study may be extended for one additional year (two semesters) in all university programs.