Dress regulations for students of Pakistan Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences

Formulating dress code rules of PIRS is to promote a safe, disciplined learning environment and to encourage uniformity of student’s dress as per our values. PIRS prohibits clothing that is obscene of wom in a manner that disrupts institute discipline and activity.

It is also reminded once again that following are strictly prohibited in university

  • campus area Heavy Jewelry / make up
  • See through / tightly fitted clothes
  • Suits with heavy embroidery/shiny Sleeveless / low necks
  • Ripped jeans/Jeans/lights/ ankle high tousers
  • Chapple of any sont
  • Punk look hair style

Compliance of wearing uniform is obligatory in letter and spirit Faculty members are authorized to impose on the spot penalty in case of violation Following are the uniform details.

Uniform for Boys

  • Black trousers
  • White shirt
  • Black boots
  • White lab coat
  • Uniform for Girls
    Black shalwar or straight trousers
  • White duppata / scarf /vail
  • Knee length shirt of any color
  • White lab coal
  • Close shoes

Management of Pakistan institute of Rehabilitation Sciences encourage the students to start wearing the uniform with immediate effect however it is compulsory to wear said uniform from the next year. i.e 1st Janurary 2022.